Weber charcoal grills are recognized as being some of the best grills around in terms of performance and durability.  The Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill has been around for over 50 years.  While it retains the kettle grill’s basic design and functionality, the “One-Touch” line features a number of improvements, most notably a one-touch cleaning system. One of its premium models is the Weber One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill.

With its solid build and quality construction, the Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill will last for many years.  Its superior features make it one of the top choices in grills these days.

Product Features

  • Rust-resistant porcelain-enameled bowl and lid measures 22.5 inches in diameter
  • 363 square inches cooking area
  • Plated steel cooking grates come with hinges for easy refueling
  • Aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system
  • Comes with removable high-capacity aluminum ash catcher
  • Rust resistant aluminum damper helps control heat
  • Two glass-reinforced nylon handles come with tool hooks
  • Sturdy wheels make it easy to move the grill around

High-Quality Construction

Like all Weber grills, the One-Touch Gold is built to last. The bowl and lid are made of porcelain-enameled steel, making the kettle grill weather-resistant and practically rust-free.  Likewise, the aluminum damper is rust-resistant.  The glass-reinforced nylon handles will not rust even when left out in the rain.

Large Cooking Area

The 22.5-inch diameter kettle grill provides ample space for grilling, with a cooking area of 363 square inches.  It’s large enough to cook a dozen burgers or six large steaks at the same time.  When the lid is closed, the kettle grill works like an oven.  The dome-shaped lid allows plenty of room so you can cook whole chickens on the grill.

The shape of the grill distributes heat evenly throughout the entire cooking area, minimizing hot or cold spots.

Superior Venting System

When using a charcoal grill, controlling the temperature can be a challenge.  With the Weber One-Touch Gold,  even users who are new to grilling have no problem with temperature control.  The grill’s aluminum vents or dampers are designed to be easy to use so you can achieve the desired temperature for perfect grilling.

Hinged Steel Grate

One of the helpful features of the Gold model is the hinged grate.  Normally, you would have to lift out the cooking grate to add more coals.  The One-Touch Gold has two hinged grates that flip open at the sides so you can add more charcoal or move the coals around.

One-Touch Cleaning System

The grill’s One-Touch Cleaning System ensures that you can use and clean this unit effortlessly.  Lever-activated blades dump the ash into an ash catcher that can be removed for easy cleanup.

Other Features

A built-in thermometer in the lid helps you monitor the heat and cooking temperature.  This kettle grill also comes with a sturdy cart that holds the grill at a convenient height for cooking.  It weighs only around 35 pounds and is easy to move around with the help of the wheels attached to the cart.


  • Built to last
  • Light-weight and easy to move around
  • Quick and even cooking
  • Convenient One-Touch cleaning system
  • Hinged cooking grates make it easy to add more charcoal


  • Relatively expensive

What Customers Say

The 22.5”-diameter Weber One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill is a very popular choice when it comes to charcoal grills.  Customers who reviewed the product say it is very convenient to use and is just the right size for the average family.  Customers were also impressed by the grill’s fine quality and durability.  One user said the grill exceeded his expectations.

Unlike many charcoal grills that can be messy and difficult to use, the One-Touch Gold is very easy to use, even for first-time users.  The venting system is easy to adjust for perfect temperature control.  Many customers find the One-Touch cleaning system very convenient.

A few customers complained that the unit they received had defective parts, but these were rare cases.  Most customers were highly satisfied with their purchase.  Some, however, found the price too high and wished it were cheaper.

The Weber One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill is one of the best choices if you are looking for a high-quality charcoal grill with lots of features.  Amazon offers one of the lowest prices on this grill compared to other online stores.