The 10 Best SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Systems

Best Selling Product No. 1
SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring - No Contract - Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, and start protecting your home in minutes - no tools required.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring with police, fire & medical dispatch starting at 50c/day - No contracts.
  • Sound the alarm. Pioneering signal burst technology that is powerful enough to cover homes of every size, with up to 1000 ft. range -- no extender needed.
Best Selling Product No. 2
SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Wired Camera, White
  • Sends text alerts when movement is detected
  • Uses multiple sensors to detect people and ignore distractions like cars and pets
  • Designed to replace doorbells on a variety of homes or doorbell setup with 8-24VAC
Best Selling Product No. 3
SimpliSafe SS3-AMZ-5 10 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera and Video Doorbell-Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring-No Contract-Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, pc, White
  • Ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors and start protecting your home in minutes.
  • Always be on the lookout with the video doorbell Pro. Monitors your home with crisp 1080P HD in the bright light of day or the dark of night.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring and cloud recording with police, fire & medical dispatch starting at 50c/day - No contracts.
Best Selling Product No. 4
SimpliSafe SS3-SAMS-01 Wireless Home Security System with Bonus SimpliCam
  • Precision-engineered to detect the heat signature of humans, this wireless home security system ignores pets
  • offers power outage protection and doesn’t rely on a landline.
  • Security system comes with base station, key pad, entry sensors, motion sensors and keychain remote
Best Selling Product No. 5
SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo
  • Wireless "Do it yourself" home security system
  • Monitoring stations are ul-certified with a built in cellular connection
  • Unbeatable 24/7 security for just $14.99 each month
Best Selling Product No. 6
SimpleSafe Shield Home Security System Keypad Fob Motion Sensor SS3-02 White
  • Keeps your home or business secure Includes an alarm base station, keypad, six entry sensors and two motion sensors.
  • 24/7 professional monitoring Guards your home and sends police when you need them most.
  • Control your security system from your smartphone The interactive app makes it easy for customers to arm and disarm their system from anywhere.
Best Selling Product No. 8
SimpliSafe Wireless 105Db Auxiliary Siren - Compatible with Home Security System (New Gen)
  • Protect your home from break-ins with this SimpliSafe auxiliary siren.
  • 105dB alarm alerts burglars that the police are on the way.
  • Weatherized for installation indoors or in sheltered areas outdoors.
Best Selling Product No. 9
SimpliSafe Wireless Keypad - Touch-to-Wake Technology - Compatible with The Home Security System (New Gen)
  • There's no need to plug it in, so you can put it anywhere you like.
  • We’ve got you covered, Leave with an entry sensor open, we’ll let you know and make it easy by telling which window is open.
  • An intruder can smash the Keypad. Your system will still alert the authorities.
Best Selling Product No. 10
Simplisafe Wireless Home Sentry 7 Piece Security System with Camera
  • 1 Base Station, 1 Keypad
  • 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Camera
  • 1 Keychain Remote






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