Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Fingerprint Push-Pull Two Way Latch Mortise Review

The days of fastening your keys in the house or forgetting to lock the door is gone, All thanks to the variety of electronic door locks in the market. an electronic door lock can now be the beauty your front door for a few hundred dollars. One such classy electronic door lock is the SHS-P718 Digital door lock introduced by Samsung. It is a Fingerprint Push pull two-way latch Mortise.


This Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock comes in the dimension of 17.7 x 4.7 x 12.6 inches. And has a weight of 10.1 pounds.  The user access code is of 4 to 12 digits’ number combination.

The RF ID is ISO 14443A type with 13.56MHz and works with any Samsung card or key tags.

The door thickness must be 40-80mm and the power required is DC 6V (AA Alkaline Batteries) X8

Finger print capacity is  Maximum 100,  it is pushed to enter from Outside and Pull to enter from inside


Electronic door locks come with one or more means of characteristics, which comprise RFID, keypad, biometric (fingerprint), or Bluetooth.

Earlier electronic locks used to have keypads with a pin number for entry. Keypads are still popular, although newer models use ttouchscreenpanels instead of buttons and include security features to help prevent burglars from figuring out the code

To operate the doors the most common way of it is to push. The push and pull innovation! It is pulled from inside and push from the outside. With this kind of progression, the device provides convenience in everyday door operation. This one-step push and pull innovation gives out a new to operate residential doors making it more easy and appropriate.

It has a Perfect security using the hi-tech private fingerprint scanning method associated with Appropriate authentication methods meant to lessen worry over a key loss or password hacking. This advanced fingerprint recognition system increases security and protection.

The key pad panel is protected automatically after pressing the door’s center open lock button thereby enhancing the security of the fingerprint identification panel.  This device is Able to register and identify 100 fingerprints, the small and medium companies can easily utilize the fingerprinting door lock. The system of Door opening requires two confirmation verifications; both password and fingerprint system input is required therefore making it safer and more secure.   The door dock inexorably informs their status on the touch panel, by showing messages like ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’, which increases value to the consistent user experiences.



If you’re seeing for maximum flexibility in connecting your smart lock to your home or your company this the one. The Samsung Fingerprinting door lock is a durable contender. The lock features the extravagance look of other high-end locks and comes at the price of under $500. This Fingerprinting door Lock is a must in every home or valuable space without a doubt which can be a perfect buy for you.