This low-cost RX 480 gaming machine with its included Windows a low-cost will likely cost less than building your own with the same components.

00:20 – Who is it for?
01:14 – Case layout and cooling
01:32 – System specifications
02:21 – Case lights
02:33 – Ports and connectors
03:25 – Included keyboard and mouse overview
04:17 – Gameplay: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)
05:19 – Gameplay: Doom
05:52 – Gameplay: Street Fighter V
06:11 – Benchmark: 3DMark Time Spy
06:49 – Benchmark: Steam VR
07:27 – 3DMark Stress Test Thermal Results
07:48 – Conclusion and final thoughts

I am quite pleased with what they put together here for the price. The case is very high quality and sturdy, it has a 600 watt Cooler Master power supply, quad core i5 Kaby Lake CPU, 8 GB of DDR 4 RAM, and the AMD Radeon RX 480 GPU. It’s very upgradeable and might be a good starter machine for folks thinking of slowly getting into the PC tinkering hobby. It is very easy to add additional memory and storage. The mid-size tower case and its power supply will be able to support other motherboards too for future system overhauls.

The RX480 performed well with the games that I tested in the video at 1080p. I was easily able to get games like GTA V, Doom, and Street Fighter V to play at or above 60 frames per second with decent image quality settings.

For gamers on a budget, this is worth considering – even if you are thinking about building one yourself.

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