How to Use the Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band

Video Instruction

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How to Use the Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band and a Wooden Block to improve your impact position


Written Instructions:

How to Use the Anti-Flip Wrist Band

1. Place the wristband on your lead wrist and the loop around either your index or middle finger. The snap bar should be on top of your hand and wrist.

2. Use the Strap to tighten the training aid around your lead wrist

3. Pull your hand up so your wrist breaks. You should hear a “click” if it’s on correctly.

4. Take some practice swings without hitting a ball and avoid having the training aid snap in the impact zone. (If you do hear a snap it should be after you have brought your hands up above your waist.)

5. Once you’ve taken some practice swings, start hitting some golf balls. Try to hit some slow punch shots or chip shots working your way up to full swings.

The goal is to keep the head of the golf club from flipping past your hands. When swinging you should think about how you want the handle to get to the ball first. Personally, when I reach the top of my backswing I think about trying to get my right elbow going towards the ball first.

If your body isn’t rotating your hands will flip. This will make you continue to rotate your body

Additional Tips and Information How to Fix “Flipping” Your Hands During the Golf Swing:

Fixing “flipping” or “cupping the wrist” is one of the most difficult things to fix in the golf swing. It’s important to understand why you might be flipping and how proper impact looks and feels. (I recommend a lesson with a local golf pro because as Hank Haney says, “without a proper diagnosis of the problem, it’s hard to fix.”)

Here is a great web page with a video discussing flipping during the swing and how to better understand it.


Here is a great video from a golf teacher talking about the importance of the trail elbow in the golf swing. If you can work on using your trail elbow properly it will help you to stop flipping your hands at impact.