Learn to Stop Flipping Your Hands During the Golf Swing

Are you tired of paying for expensive training aids that are difficult to use & don’t lower your score?

The “anti-flip” impact golf training aid is aimed at players who are battling the “flipping motion” / “casting motion” at impact or have an “over the top” swing plane. One of the biggest reason people “flip” at the golf ball is because their body stops moving.

The Anti-Flip Stick will help you to learn to keep your body turning during the golf swing.
This is a training aid that is small enough to fit in your golf bag, so you can easily take it to the range or practice green. A few practice chips & you will see instant results

The biggest benefit to this little training aid is it will help with all aspects of your swing from your takeaway through impact.

Benefits of the Anti-Flip Golf Training Aid Stick

  • Promotes proper lag and body turn through impact
  • Improves ball striking and consistency
  • Will help alleviate “Slices” & “Hooks” Plus “Fat” or “Thin Shots”
  • Develop a proper release
  • Learn proper hand position at impact
  • Hit crisper chip shots and full shots

How to Use the Anti-Flip Stick to Help You Create Better Impact

1. Put the anti-flip stick onto the butt-end of a short iron.
2. Take your setup and keep the extended portion of the rod under your lead arm, resting lightly on your side.
3. Without hitting a ball, take a few slow, short and deliberate practice swings while keeping the rod AWAY from your lead side in the through-swing, until you finish with your arms just above waist high. You should feel like you are hitting a “punch shot” under a tree branch. Your lead hand should feel like you are turning a door handle at the finish. (Punisher Golf Drill)

4 Drills to Help You Learn to Stop Flipping Your Hands at Impact During the Golf Swing

Golf Drill To Stop Flipping Your Hands at Impact – The Punisher Golf Drill